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June 14th, 2023

Agape Bio Well - Agafi Gazdova - Bioenergetic research of the effects of HSC products on human body.

Saša Batinac

Office BioWell camera measures stress in the body, based on changes in the autonomic nervous system. If some medicament or applianes has a negative effect on the body, the activity of the sympathetic nervous system increases. If it works positively, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated.

HSC Correlator - Smart needle measurement

The client's stress is measured.  Then, the client places a cup of water on the heart chakra and a measurement is taken with the BioWell camera.  In the next step, the water is treated with a needle and the measurement is repeated. In the 98% of the analysis, stress in the body decreased.


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About Agafi Gadzova

Agafi Gadzova is the owner of the Agape Bio Well Centre. She holds a BSc degree in physiology and biochemical engineering. Her interests in quantum physics and metaphysics as well as in the new branches of biology such as quantum genetics, biology of belief and epigenetics were the reason to continue developing in that direction because conventional science has no answer yet to the question of what consciousness really is and who gives the initial order for the initiation of the metabolic processes in the body. With the emergence of quantum physics, many things in science began to change dramatically. Quantum physics proves that there is no material world, and that everything is energy, a large information field in which everything is connected beyond time and space and in which all subatomic particles communicate with each other. This information field is called the quantum field, pure consciousness, universal intelligence.

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