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May 9th, 2023

BIG DIFFERENCE - NH2 clinic - Titti Levin - Human blood analysis before and after using HSC protection smart card

Saša Batinac


My name is Titti Levin, and I have been a distributor for HSC in Sweden and Norway since March of 2023., but I have been selling the Protection Smart Card since early 2019 in my two health food stores in Gothenburg when I sold everything and moved my clinic to a separate part of our house, where I continue to sell HSC products.

  I was introduced to HSC through a customer who works as an engineer at Volvo and is a fascinating person with a lot of knowledge in many areas, and if he said this was good, I had to try it out... I started with my difficult clients – my thought was, am I missing something? Then this could make a difference. One of my first guinea pig was a young lady, Victoria, who was living a healthy life, but she was soo tired all the time. So I checked her blood in the microscope, and all her red blood cells were disintegrating before our eyes!!! I know that radiation affects all the cells in our body, and now we saw her blood sample proved just that – you could not see one red blood cell.

So I gave her one HSC card for her phone to try. I think it was for two weeks. Victoria returned happy and told me she did not have to sleep for 1,5 h every afternoon. Last week she did not even take a nap!!! Until today I don´t even know how many cards I have sold. When I started selling HSC cards, EM radiation was hardly heard about. Today the HSC cards sell themselves!!! Because more and more people are ”well informed”. Most of the time, I sell to the whole family and perfect Christmas present/birthday present; grandmothers (most often) buy for all their grandchildren because they are using their mobile phones 24/7. Today I have many companies that accept HSC cards for their staff because all offices have so much wireless radiation, and people are too tired at work. I can add that children with focusing disorder notice a difference (the parents do so relatively quickly) that the: 

”brain is not burning” – as many say.

TSP d.o.o. (HSC brand) is a great company to work with and very helpful indeed. And working with these products now is very good timing, because of the awareness of the impact of radiation on our health and environmet is getting more and more attention.

Mrs. Titti Levin

NH2 – owner & director

Gothenburg; Sweden

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