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May 16th, 2024

Introducing Tesla Metamorphosis

Azur Ekić

An Interview with Anya Petrović



Many moons ago, I believe it was somewhere around 2012/13 when I visited one of the Alternative Health and Science fairs in Zagreb, there were many presenters there, a lot of interesting things to see at that time, however, a lot of the healers wanted to charge money for a demonstration of their healing session, and I was just a college student roaming the fair. At one moment, a peculiar stand caught my eye, called Tesla Metamorphosis. There I saw a woman gently smiling and with a gleam in her eye, along with her student who was performing the demonstration of this healing modality.

This was the only stand that was offering a demo session for free, as they believed it would not be correct to charge in the noisy atmosphere of a festival. I thought I might as well try it out!

I laid down on the massage table, closed my eyes, and the student started performing the healing session. Not much time has passed, and I started feeling the effects. Rapid eye movement was happening all the time, and my body was gently shaking with tremors, pleasantly, as if it was releasing stress and tension. Even though my eyes were closed and the student did not touch me, at every moment, I could feel exactly where his hands were because I felt the vibrations.

I have thanked them for the session and moved on.

Fast forward around 5 or 6 years, I remembered Anya Petrovic for some reason and found out she was coming to my hometown of Zagreb to teach people this modality, or rather – initiate them. Based on my positive experience from years ago, I decided I would like to try it out and attend the seminar, but was still a bit unsure. Suddenly, certain signs started appearing. As I was having my doubts about the seminar, during that line of thought, a butterfly flew into my room. A butterfly symbolizes metamorphosis. I am thinking, okay… this might be a sign. As I leave the room, there is a music video on the television set, with thunderous lightning sparking in the background of the video with the lyrics ‘’Make a move’’. As most of you may know, Tesla is known as a master of lightning. This motivated me to attend the seminar but I was unsure of how I was going to afford it. Of course, events started taking place that just happened to give me the right amount of money to attend.

The seminar was an interesting and joyful experience, and all of us attending could feel these vibrations and play with them. After the seminar, certain experiences happened in my life, and I remember an intuitive person from the Bioenergy Healing Association I was a member of at the time, concluded that it must have been because of the seminar.

Without further due, It is my pleasure to present to you dear Anya Petrovic.

She is the founder of Tesla Metamorphosis, an internationally recognized teacher, healer, and author. Anya is a World Literature Professor and Master of Applied Psychology, a winner of numerous prizes for her poetry and scientific work in literature. For fifteen years, she worked as a Senior Manager at a big European congress and concert center. Anya has been practicing and teaching Reiki for 11 years and doing Reconnective Healing for 8 years. Her life completely changed after hearing the voice: “Tesla Healing. You need to reconstruct – Tesla Healing”. That summer day, on Tesla’s birthday, there were nine “coincidences” telling her that she needed to do something connected to Nikola Tesla. Anya now travels the world and teaches Tesla Metamorphosis.

In the quest to understand miracles, Anya’s book Tesla Metamorphosis – Heal and Evolve, reveals new knowledge. The answers are found in pioneering scientific research and also in ancient wisdom, merging science and spirituality. The spirit of Nikola Tesla is imbued throughout the book, giving it a new dimension.

I asked Anya to explain how Tesla Metamorphosis is connected to Nikola Tesla and why Tesla’s name is in the name of the modality.

ANYA PETROVIĆ (AP): My story with Tesla Metamorphosis started like a fairy tale, with two white doves on my window. That fairy tale was later scientifically confirmed thanks to a special camera invented by Dr Henry Oldfield. That is how it was determined that in Tesla Metamorphosis we have access to Tesla Waves. Tesla named those frequencies “non-Hertzian Waves and wrote that they are in a completely new domain of physics. According to Dr Prof Ristovski, Tesla Metamorphosis is the only modality where those frequencies were documented. That is why we have this privilege to have Tesla’s name in the name of modality.

TAT: A lot of our readers like Sai Baba. Tell us about your experience with Sai.

AP: My visit to Sai Baba was a very special experience. At that time, I did not know much about Sai. That evening, I was teaching Reiki, when I noticed a column of light in the room. The next morning, there were two footprints on the floor in the spot where I saw light. There were no footprints to that spot or from that spot. As if someone landed and flew away. I tried to wash them, but it was not possible. They stayed there for more than three years.

Angels guide us in a peculiar way. A month later, I found myself saying at 6 pm one day: “I must go to India!” The next day at 2 pm I was on the plane, not even knowing exactly where I was going. Sai appeared on the airplane and gave me that blanket. I wonder if other people saw him. In India, I ended up in Sai Baba’s ashram, and it made a big shift in my life. Nine years after visiting Sai Baba, when I already started teaching Tesla Metamorphosis, a student forwarded to me the quote from the book “Divine Revelation of the Third Millennium” by Yor Glory, where Sai Baba says: “I had sent

that angel, Nikola Tesla, to alleviate and improve your destiny. As you know, his genius was obscured by human greed.” That was when I understood why I had a sudden urge to go to India and why I ended up in Sai Baba’s ashram; my journey with Nikola Tesla started back then without me being aware of it.

TAT: Any other such experiences with Avatars or gurus? 

AP: There was a funny experience when a client on the table started mumbling something. I could not understand a word. It was a strange language. After the session, he said that there was an old Indian medicine man doing healing on him, and he asked him to repeat the chant with him. I thought: “Ok, that was what he was mumbling.” Then he looked straight into my eyes and said: “You know, that old Indian medicine man, that is you!” I did my best not to burst out laughing. An old Indian medicine man! If he said Cleopatra or something like that. That day I had five more clients, and four more stated I was that old Red Indian man. So, it stopped being funny. The fifth client admitted much later that she knew I was that old Indian medicine man, but she did not dare tell me.

Another profound experience was on one of my unplanned trips, this time to Peru. I had the privilege of meeting a shaman from the Andes who spoke only the Mayan traditional K’iche language. He was talking about the human of light coming to Earth and explained that it is not about one human of light coming; humanity needs to shift into humans of light. We need to do it together. At that time, I did not know that I would be teaching Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis. Then he turned towards me and said, “If you listen to the mindful, nonverbal messages of your heart, you can reach the wisdom of gods!”

TAT: What is your connection with Nikola Tesla?

AP: I was not aware of how I am connected with Nikola Tesla until I had my past life experience in Florida. The lady who hosted seminars suggested me to do past life regression session with her. To be honest, I was not taking it seriously because all the people who had a past life regression that I talked with were princes and princesses, or perhaps important figures in Ancient Egypt. As if there were no bakers and soldiers, farmers and blacksmiths, and thieves in the world. On the very last day of my visit, the suitcases were packed, and there was still a lot of time before leaving for the airport. She suggested again that we do a past-life regression. “Okay,” I said, “let’s do it!” I agreed because I felt that she truly wanted us to do that. What I experienced is hard to express in words. I found myself in a fluorescent, green, ethereal space. It had different densities, which gave me an impression of a landscape. I could see nine human-shaped figures of light, very tall and slim. It was a completely different world from anything I could imagine. I was aware of lying on the couch in the room, and at the same time, I was in this new dimension. I was overwhelmed by an emotion that was woven into all aspects of my being. It would be very difficult to describe this feeling. I do not know what word to use: love, bliss, joy… It was something like all of those feelings put together, but much, much more intense. Waterfalls of tears were running out of my eyes. I tried to speak, but my voice sounded like it was coming out of a barrel: “Is this a future or a past life?” A thought passed my mind: “If this was my past life, why on Earth did I come to Earth, or to this dimension, where I have to wash myself, feed myself, wash clothes and dishes?”

I heard the answer to my thought: “There are some things which light beings cannot perform without the help from the light beings in tissue garments. That is why you have chosen this.” The lady asked me if I could recognize who were those light beings. I thought: “How could I recognize anybody? They are just figures in the shape of humans, but there are no faces. Just an outline full of light.” “I can recognize Nikola Tesla and Mother Theresa”, I said. How could I recognize them? Do not ask me, as I do not know. Somehow, I knew. I was also aware that Mother Theresa and Saint Paraskeva (Saint Petka, Serbian Orthodox Christianity saint) were the same light being. I do not know how I knew that either. I asked why I was the one to carry and spread Tesla Metamorphosis. The answer was: “Because you are brave. Because you do not have fear.” There was no sound. I did not hear a voice. I just received that meaning. Then I was given the advice: “Control without controlling!” In my awareness, it was clear to me that this message was coming from God. I could not see thee, but I just knew.

TAT: Tesla Healing Metamorphosis can even be used to heal relationships or machines! One of your students healed a refrigerator. Have any other interesting stories like this?

AP: There are many interesting stories connected to this work, and most are about healing people. On the website there are fascinating testimonials. Among others, a video from Macedonia of a young man who had a car accident, and doctors said he would never walk again. He levitated in the first session, and with his agreement, the practitioner recorded the second session. We can see the man lying on his back on a massage table, with his arms next to his body, while his legs are moving up and down, left and right, in very vigorous movement. If he were doing it with his muscles, he would have to hold onto the table to keep balance. But his arms were lying next to his body. He did not levitate in that session, but it was recorded how he got off the table and stepped on his feet.

TAT: You once told me, the reason why my Tesla Healing Metamorphosis sessions did not work on my friend is that “Never be a wizard in your village”. Can you elaborate on why?

AP: Those close to you might not accept healing because they don’t take you seriously in this role, or, if you did not charge them, they might feel there was not a fair exchange, consciously or subconsciously. Also, I was trying to explain that it is difficult to be detached from the outcome when you work with someone you are emotionally connected with. That way we can step on the way. Especially when you just started practicing and you were looking for confirmation that what you do works. That is why I suggested that you rather ask some of your colleagues to swap; they work with your relatives, and you on their loved ones. In this work, it is important to work through heart consciousness, not brain consciousness.

TAT: At your seminar, sometimes orbs appeared that were visible to the naked eye. And I remember you sharing a story when you jumped backwards 5 meters in a way that almost defied human anatomy and physics. Could you share some similar experiences for our readers, experiences that are considered as ’miraculous’?

AP: There are no miracles. This is all natural. Only we might not be able to understand and explain some phenomena. We all have much greater abilities than we are aware of. In extreme situations, they manifest. For example, people report the “slow-motion effect” in critical situations like car accidents, which allows them to observe more things in a short period and react. Or can lift an enormous weight, or reach incredible speed, and so on.

TAT: You are also a master of literature and a psychologist. How important is language for our

understanding of the world?

AP: Language is an interesting question. Dr Pjotr Garjajev discovered that our DNA follows some rules similar to those of human language and syntax. In his experiments, he managed to get a salamander lizard from a frog embryo just by changing the information, without cutting out or replacing a single gene. That can explain how there are cases of reconstruction of birth deformities and physically damaged spines: DNA receives the information.

TAT: And how important is good art and beauty? It feels like in the last decade or so, the entertainment industry dropped down a few notches and it just feels empty and profit-driven.

AP: Art and beauty are important for health and well-being. They are expressions of the soul. Experiments with plants show how plants and water react when exposed to classical music or metal music. Dr Emoto’s experiments with water show how, when exposed to unpleasant sounds, water creates ugly, deformed crystals; when exposed to pleasant sounds, it forms beautiful, symmetrical crystals. We need to be aware that 75% of the human organism is water. Aggressive sounds and ugly images and actions in today’s Hollywood films, even cartoons and games for children harm the psyche. Everything is frequency, states Tesla. Frequencies that are not in synchrony with natural human frequencies create fear and aggression. The degradation of art is only one segment in Globalists’ overall tendency to destroy the human soul and its connection with the Divine.

TAT: Through my research, I have found out that the spirit of Tesla contacted certain people to help them heal people, but also to help them develop healing products, based on his findings and patents. The logic is that seances are temporary, but a product stays there to help you for the rest of your life. It could even be something as simple as a healing photograph or a video…What do you think about such endeavors, if an energy product is useful, why are some people against it?

AP: I believe the main problem is that people trust more machines, chemistry, and products than themselves. For example, once highly respected medicine became a business in which the clients are sick people, and that is why they create sick people. Almost all medications have side effects. This is yet another tendency to destroy humans and divide them from their divinity. The body has its natural ability to heal itself. There are many products that people claim to be connected to Nikola Tesla. I could not find information about Tesla designing something similar to some of these products, and I cannot discuss that because I don’t have enough information. However, what puzzles me is whether all those apparatuses could be adjusted to the specific frequency of each person, and are the people who operate them capable of adjusting that frequency? Why do I contemplate like that? In the famous Philadelphia Experiment with the US Navy, Tesla managed to make the boat invisible. He transferred it into another dimension and brought it back. When they wanted to put marines on the boat, Tesla insisted that each marine should have a bracelet that would enable him to adjust the frequency of each marine, transfer them to another dimension, and bring them safely back. Because the US government did not want to spend money on bracelets, Tesla refused to proceed with the experiment. After Tesla’s death, Newman and Einstein conducted the experiment with Tesla’s machine. Like in Tesla’s experiment, the boat disappeared in the harbour of Philadelphia, appeared miles away, disappeared, and again appeared in the harbor of Philadelphia. However, some marines were frozen, some burned, and some were melted into the boat and could not be separated from it. Only two survived.

The problem is that each human has their own frequency, and I am not sure if different apparatuses used allegedly as Tesla’s inventions can be adjusted to the specific frequency of each client.

TAT: What would your message be to our readers?

AP: Our mother planet Earth and everything on it are in the process of metamorphosis, reconstruction, and transformation. In Vedanta, they call this Kalpas—the cosmic process of destruction and creation. It is an unavoidable process. We are brave to have chosen to be in this dimension at this time. We are the warriors. Let our sword be LOVE. LOVE is the greatest power of all!

TAT: Thanks for your time, Anya!

AP: It was my pleasure.