To: Federal Communications Commission

Re: Comments in opposition to FCC Docket Numbers 17-79 and 15-180

Proposed FCC rulemakings, Docket #17-79, that would accelerate wireless broadband deployment by removing barriers to infrastructure investment; and, Docket #15-180 that would revise the historic preservation review process for wireless facility deployment, will result in an increase in chronic exposure conditions from nonionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by wireless sources, classified by the World Health Organization as a Class 2B human carcinogen.

FCC is urging an accelerated deployment schedule for the 5th generation wireless infrastructure, to be installed pervasively throughout the United States. This is being done without public health review of the growing body of scientific evidence that includes reports of increasing rates of cancer and neurological diseases that may be caused by exposure to EMF from wireless sources.

FCC defines 5th generation wireless as a federal public utility and seems to have no plans for environmental monitoring or enforcement to assure public health protection. Importantly, these proposed rulemakings would further preempt states’ ability to protect the U.S. population from potentially harmful exposure conditions.

Who will protect the public? Who would people turn to should they be harmed?

The International EMF Scientist Appeal is being transmitted to support these comments as evidence of growing concern among EMF experts world-wide. This Appeal is currently signed by 225 scientists in 41 nations of the world. All of them have conducted EMF studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals that reported biological and adverse health effects caused by human-made sources of EMF. The combination of these reported findings lends credibility to the Appeal’s strong recommendation for review of the current EMF exposure guidelines set by the FCC, as these guidelines are considered to be obsolete and inadequate to protect human health and the environment.

Initiated in May 2015, this Appeal stands in making an urgent call to the United Nations, and its sub-agencies, the World Health Organization, the United Nations Environment Programme, and all UN member nations, to investigate and to address what many EMF experts now call a growing global health crisis.

The Appeal emphasizes there is greater potential for harm to children and pregnant women and calls for greater health protection for those who are more vulnerable to harm, especially persons who are electrically sensitive, who are older, or who are ill.

The FCC needs to critically consider the potential impact of the 5th generation wireless infrastructure on the health and safety of the U.S. population before proceeding to deploy this infrastructure.

For further information, we refer you to the Appeal, attached, which may also be viewed at


Elizabeth Kelley,

On behalf of Martin Blank, Magda Havas, Henry Lai, Joel Moskowitz, and Elizabeth Kelley, Advisors to the International EMF Scientist Appeal