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November 23rd, 2023

Teslass powered by HSC- Tesla Scalar Sunglasses - Protect Your Eyes. Boost Your Mind.

Saša Batinac

Teslass - Tesla Scalar Sunglasses 

Protect Your Eyes. Boost Your Mind.

HSC technology combined with Teslass unique, high-quality sunglasses has a positive effect on the vision and brain function of a person wearing them. It has a positive effect on improving the overall physical and mental state of the person wearing Teslass sunglasses, optimizing all their bodily functions. Through the daily use of Teslass sunglasses, the person wearing them will feel better, think faster, and feel that they can change the world around them. The HSC technology works through its active protective field and its influence on light, i.e., the EM radiation that the person wearing the glasses absorbs through the Teslass sunglasses, acts on optimizing the levels of serotonin (“happiness hormone”), dopamine (“pleasure hormone”), melanin (hormone responsible for regulating sleep) and cortisol (“stress hormone”), bringing them into a natural balance that is essential for mental and physical health. Teslass sunglasses prevent aging of the skin around the eyes. HSC technology removes all dangerous types of EM radiation from the light spectrum and converts them into healthy light waves that maintain and stimulate the natural regeneration/synthesis of collagen and elastin.  Do you want to look original and unconventional? Let the Teslass sunglasses speak for you. Take a bold step forward with Teslass active sunglasses. Teslass brand offers you unique glasses that will ensure that you do not go unnoticed, i.e., they will make you look healthy and special.

Teslass official online store,, is currently undergoing development and is expected to be fully operational by the year's end. In the meantime, we've opted to reach out to you directly through this channel. (  

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