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May 16th, 2024

HSC products – First Impressions - REVIEW

Azur Ekić

HSC Products – First Impressions

( Using technology to help the planet?

Dear readers, 

A couple of months ago, I decided – whether through intuition or sheer chance, to purchase a copy of one of my favorite magazines.

While scrolling through the pages, I noticed an interesting advertisement about Teslass glasses – powered by HSC with a slogan:

 ”Protect your eyes. Strengthen your mind.”.

This caught my attention for some strange reason, I got curious to try these glasses out for myself. These glasses are under the category of blue-light protection glasses. 

Blue-light protection glasses are becoming popular worldwide, as they protect the user from the blue light emitted by our phone/computer/TV screens that we are so accustomed to using. 

The theory is, and many of you can confirm this is true in practice, that looking at screens during nighttime has a wakeful effect on the brain, which can cause difficulties falling asleep. Also, some people claim it is also harmful during daylight, and that you should wear such glasses whenever in front of a screen and even while outside due to the Sun, but this has yet to be confirmed by further research as the scientists are not all in agreement about this. 

I have contacted the sales representative of this company, asking if they are willing to send this product for a review. The person talking to me was kind enough to send me these glasses and some other products from the HSC brand to try out for myself. I have offered to give them a review in our magazine if I get that the product is useful for our readers. This man simply said – no need to write a review, just try it out for yourself, we do not ask for anything in return. 

Naturally, this attitude motivated me even more. So, before writing anything else, I must state that this is not an advertisement. These are first impressions of products that could potentially help people and the wildlife, everything we share our planet with. 

Here is how the theory goes: 

The Teslass glasses (the name is inspired by the avatar/angel Nikola Tesla) are blue-light protection glasses with a special something. That special something is the so-called HSC Smart card. This card, chip, or whatever else to call it, is located on the frame of the glasses. It can also be bought as a card that you put on your electronic devices in order to protect yourself from harmful electromagnetic radiation. In addition to that, I have received in the package a strange metal needle, called the HSC Correlator. 

While getting to know more about this company and its products, I remembered that I already possess one of these cards. I don’t know how many years ago, at the some fair, me and two friends were walking around, trying out free massages, testing cookies made from cannabis plants, and just strolling – upon noticing a HSC stand. There, a woman started talking about these cards that you put on your phone (in-built glue) and it is supposed to protect you from ”harmful 5G radiation”. We asked for the price, and it was too much for us, and then she just gave each of us one for free! I put it on my phone the very same day (unlike my friends) and haven’t thought much about it since. Fast forward to two months ago, here we are again. 

This time, I decided to put more testing into it, it was the least I could do to repay the generosity and kindness of the man who sent it to me. 

Regarding the card, what I can currently say about it is that I have indeed noticed that my phone gets less hot when in use compared to before the card. Whether it also has other effects, is inconclusive so far, but I do believe the vibrations coming from it somehow seem less intrusive and harmful.

Regarding the smart needle, called the HSC Correlator, it can be used in many different ways in theory. You can dip it into water or touch your food with it, and it is supposed to have helpful benefits. As this is hard to confirm since I do not have instruments to measure it myself, I cannot talk much about it, however – what I can say is that one of the ways that this was advertised to work is to alleviate pain. Fortunately, or unfortunately enough, at that time I had pain in my right knee almost every single day. 

In the instruction manual, it says the correlator needs to be put at a vertical position on the painful spot on the body. Of course, with nothing to lose, I put it on my knee for a second. And indeed, lo and behold, the pain did stop. However, it would return after around 15 minutes. I did this almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day, and my knee no longer hurts. Whether this is due to the HSC Correlator or something else, is yet to be said, but I did notice the immediate pain relief – whether it is a placebo or not. 

Regarding the glasses themselves…It is tricky to test, but I did my best. 

They seem to calm a person down for some reason, whether it is due to the protection from the screens, or due to that special, let’s call it ”chip” on the frame of the glasses. When you wear them for the entire day, it seems if does do something to your hormonal levels. Again, the reasoning behind this is still unclear. 

In short, these products seem promising. However, there is a key question when it comes to this ”chip”.  I am calling it a chip because it is a programmed product. 

The main question I have asked the sales representative is: Who programs these products and how? 

I have certain experience with researching different spiritual energy-programmed products, mostly due to my Teacher Ljubiša Stojanović. He would go into a state of deep meditation and then use the intelligence and power of the cosmic energies to imbue a program into a product, that would help the person in the way the program was meant to help. This is possible because the program adjusts itself to the condition of the user, and again – this is possible because there is intelligence behind the product that is constantly keeping track of the state the person is in. So there was divine intelligence controlling the products of enlightened grandmaster Ljubiša Stojanović. I have to add, that they are not available to buy anymore since he passed away, but if something similar comes along, the readers will be notified. All of his products have been scientifically proven to work.

Now, when it comes to HSC products: the card that you put on your electronic device, the glasses, the smart needle…What is controlling the program? This was my question, and of course – a question any person would ask. This month, while interviewing with the founder of Tesla Metamorphosis Healing – Anja Petrović, she asked the same question, can these products that are allegedly connected to Tesla adjust to the individual?

I think the solution is, that these products need to be reviewed by someone who can see these programs in deep meditation and ask divine intelligence about it. When such a person tests these products, and we will try to make that happen at The Awakening Times, further results will be published when available. These are preliminary impressions. 

My personal opinion is, that the HSC card is affordable and seems to help the phone heat up less and cause less harm, so I can recommend that. But also, some interesting things about the card, explained by photographs: 

If you wish to explore further and read the scientific articles, here are some:    At the bottom of the page, under the section COMPANY you can click on ‘’virtual library’’ to see more info and also see the awards they have received – The same thing can be done for the glasses as well

Ordinary lenses that come with the glasses, plus the yellow and black ones that can be magnetically attached for higher levels of protection

When additional testing is done, this time hopefully by spiritual masters, of course – The Awakening Times readers will be the first to know. 

Until next time, 

Your guinea pig volunteer; testing things – so you don’t have to.